CEO message


Welcome! Thank you for visiting the MYUNGBO L&P website. I am very delighted that you have come here to visit our space

MYUNGBO L&P started out as MYUNGBO Trading Company in 1994 and is the great manufacturing company of electrostatic dissipative shoes and safety shoes, which are part of various expendable goods used in domestic and foreign semiconductor and high precision electronics industries.

We have supplied ESD shoes and safety shoes to SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS(SAMSUNG ELECTRO MECHANICS), LG ELECTRONICS(LG DISPLAY) and Hynix for 27 years.

MYUNGBO L&P is responding rapidly to the changes proactively progressive challenging spirit and is determined to become your best business partner as the company that wins customer trust by supplying the highest quality, design-engineered, pedestrian-engineered, and ergonomic ESD shoes and safety shoes through changes and innovations. MYUNGBO L&P will continue with the challenges and R&D to manufacture clean, comfortable, and creative electrostatic dissipative shoes and safety shoes based on the trust and technological strength it accumulated throughout the past 27 years.

Thank you.

C.E.O. Insoon Lee